Online Classes

Classes Now Offered Online


As you may already know, Muriel Bowser has directed fitness businesses to close.  In order to provide you with a way to continue exercising using our class formats, starting 3/18, we are offering some of our classes on Facebook Live.

NOTE: The classes that will be offered on Facebook Live will not be taught at Balanced Fitness Studios—please do not show up at the studio expecting to be able to attend the class there.

On our website SCHEDULE the classes that you see listed as not canceled will be offered online.  It’s not necessary to sign up as you normally would, but it would nice for us to see those who are continuing to take classes registered.

Once you arrive at our page:
  1. click on “Videos” on the left. The live broadcast of the class will appear on the page at the scheduled start time.
  2. Also please click the LIKE button for our page.  It’s good for business and when we do go live with classes you should get a notification.
The list of classes being taught on Facebook may change daily, so please be certain to check our online SCHEDULE first.  We will not be able to offer Strength, Cycle Rev and HIIT Vertical classes online, but you can expect to find Foundations Plus, HIIT Burn, Yoga and Pilates Mat.
Again, we appreciate all of your support and patience during these uncertain times. We will make sure to keep you updated as things change.
Have a healthy and happy week!