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Balanced Fitness Studios in Chevy Chase, DC delivers a cutting-edge, ground-breaking approach to whole-body fitness. While offering traditional workout experiences like spinning and pilates, our team of world class coaches also integrates proprietary programming built on the Balanced Athlete® methodology.

Balanced Athlete, a fitness philosophy developed by Johnny Gillespie, combines the best research-backed strength and conditioning programs with proven mindfulness techniques.

Exercise smarter, learn how connect your mind and body, and undo imbalances caused by overuse, trauma, or simply life. We don’t do “classes” here — we “practice” how to make the body move more efficiently.

Some of what you experience at Balanced Fitness Studios will be new, and some will be familiar. But our promise is to deliver a results-oriented fitness experience that challenges you, drives you, builds you up and inspires you.

Come check us out — and join the Mindful Revolution!